All of our cookies are small batch, handcrafted and made to order utilizing the highest-end organic ingredients. The handcrafted nature of our cookies ensures the freshest product possible. Each day, we have a select few of our varieties for individual sale in our bakery for $2/each, with speciality cookies $3/each - feel free to call us at (757) 208-0541 for the offerings that day. We also offer La Colombe Drip Coffee for $2.25/16oz cup.

Please call ahead, email us, or order directly under Buy Now for cookies by the dozen and we will have them freshly baked for you upon pickup. Orders are typically available for pickup the next business day during a set pickup window which we will provide to you. When placing an order, please note our summer hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm. Due to the small batch, handcrafted nature of our cookies, prepayment is required when placing an order. Unless specified, cookies are packaged in boxes. If you would like them on platters for an event, individually packaged and/or heat sealed for in-store pickup, a convenience fee applies. Additionally, for orders with less than 24 hour notice, a rush fee of $10 applies.


Traditional Chocolate Chip (semisweet chocolate) - $16/dozen or $2/each

The Earl (white, dark & semisweet) - $18/dozen or $2/each

The Hudson (milk chocolate & caramel) - $18/dozen or $2/each

The Mitch (milk chocolate & butterscotch) - $18/dozen or $2/each

Southern Twist (semisweet chocolate & pecans) - $19/dozen or $3/each

Chocolate Squared (chocolate cookie dough & semisweet chocolate) - $18/dozen or $3/each

Happy Oatmeal (oats, dried cranberries, & walnuts) - $19/dozen or $3/each

The Dood (an upgrade on the classic snickerdoodle) - $18/dozen or $2/each

Italian Wedding (butter, walnuts & powdered sugar) - $24/dozen or $3/each

Red Velvet (a classic red velvet cookie sandwiched with decadent frosting) - $25/dozen or 3/each

Pumpkin Spice - (two pumpkin spice cookies sandwiched with cream cheese frosting) - $35/dozen or $3.50/each

Assorted Dozen (pick up to three of these varieties: traditional, the earl, the hudson, the mitch, the dood) - $20/dozen

Assorted Specialty Dozen (includes any of three varieties listed above as well as: southern twist, chocolate squared, happy oatmeal, Italian wedding, jackson, lemon drop, red velvet) - $25/dozen

*Please note that assorted dozens require 48 hour notice. Feel free to contact us for custom orders as well!

Granola by KTC (toasted coconut granola with pecans & dried cranberries) - $10.50

La Colombe Drip Coffee (Regular) - $2.25/16oz cup